Having been born and raised in the northeastern united states, I took for granted the water that came out of our faucet was good, as it was cold and pure tasting. I never imagined that one day our water supplies would become contaminated, unhealthy and bad tasting. 

Upon relocating to my new home in Florida, as much as I was excited about the Florida climate, the climate of my drinking water left me with mixed emotions. I noticed a punky odor and the taste was foul.  It was at this time I started researching water, it’s unique properties and vital roles in sustaining life. I learned that water is known as the universal solvent and essential to so many bodily functions including hydration, nutrition and flushing waste and toxins.  This learning experience of which I still pursue has instilled in me a passion to educate as many people as possible to the importance of drinking pure water for hydration as well as flushing out the toxins we unknowingly ingest, breath or come in contact with daily.  

In addition to this, swimming in water with high chlorine content is absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. This can be extremely detrimental especially to young children and people with respiratory conditions. Municipal water supplies contain numerous compounds in addition to the chlorine, ammonia and fluoride that are added to kill the microbes and supposedly “strengthen your teeth”. It is a proven fact that chlorine disinfectant by products have been linked to several types of cancers as well as birth defects. Ammonia is a strong cleaning agent and combined with chlorine had been used to produce mustard gas during world war I. Fluoride is used in toothpaste but not meant to be ingested. For many years I was drinking bottled water thinking it was pure and healthy, but soon learned that when the bottled water reaches a certain temperature, toxins from the plastic bottles begin to leach into the water. Think about the bottled water being transported in unrefrigerated trucks across the state. That is why you should never cook anything in plastic containers, always use glass. 

Knowing now the importance of using pure water for consumption as well as bathing, and swimming not exposing you or loved ones to all these toxins should be a factor in giving serious consideration to a whole house filter/ water softener system as well as salt systems for swimming pools. You may be very surprised by the affordability of one of these systems.  

— Ronald DeToy, Naturally Pure Water Systems