Today nearly everything that incorporates the use of energy is made and operated around smart technology. From smart phones, TV’s, appliances and even cars. Well we now have that smart technology to control every function and experience of you own back yard swimming pool. Pool control systems have come a long way in the last 10 years and there are numerous brands and models to choose from. So choosing the right system for your pool can be a challenge without the help of an experienced professional. We at Naturally Pure Water Systems are licensed professionals with over 17 years of pool remodel and upgrade experience. We understand what’s required to make the right decisions for all your pool equipment needs. Depending on your budget and pools features we can design, install and setup systems that would control pool/spa valves, led lighting, heaters, pumps, air blowers, water features and much more, all from a wireless waterproof remote controller or even your smartphone. Many of these systems are surprisingly affordable.If you already have an older control system that is not functioning properly, we can diagnose the problem and let you know what it would cost repair it.We also are capable of repairing circuit boards on most controllers and chlorinators.