Salt Water Pool Systems

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How does a salt water pool system work?

Salt Water Pool System in Trinity, New Port Richey, and Odessa FL

A Salt water pool system (chlorinator) makes chlorine by using table salt (sodium chloride) and electrolysis. The salt water passes through an electric current in the cell creating chlorine gas which then dissolves into sodium hypochlorite, the sanitizing agent needed to disinfect the water.

This salt water pool system basically consists of 2 components. The cell, which converts the salt to chlorine and the controller whose primary purpose is to provide the proper amount of electricity to the cell. Currently, on the market today, there are only a few that offer a high quality titanium cell with an intelligent digital controller that can automatically adjust output based on water temperature, self diagnose problems as well tell you how many lbs. of salt to add. AutoPilot is the only system that offers all of these features and we exclusively install these superior systems.

We install salt water pool systems in Trinity, New Port Richey, Odessa FL, and the surrounding area.